Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ingrid's Lab

Trust Ingrid Go, the certified Baghag who fueled Manila's bag craziness with her addiction inducing bag blog, to start a new compulsion with her upcoming store Accessory Lab! And why not, when jewelry and accessories are must have wardrobe staples next to bags and shoes! I mean, seriously, an H&M dress will look like a million bucks when accessorized with fabulous shoes, a quality bag and just the right touch of jewelry.

According to Ingrid, Accessory Lab will have some in-house designs and accessories from consignors like Daphne Paez, who makes delicate necklaces made out of hand-painted medallions and other precious little charms. I. Benjamin, a line of whimsically indulgent jewelry sold in Firma and Felicity, will also be there. Collectible Bakelite bangles are an added fun to the mix!

Instead of ascribing to typical classic styles often seen in local jewelry stores, they will be offering different looks of jewelry from classic pieces, to whimsical, art nouveau, new vintage, mughal style, even "healing" jewelry. For sure, there's something for every taste and budget in this experimental jewelry store called Accessory Lab!

So watch the space beside Figaro in Rockwell my dears! The treasures inside will all be revealed in a month or so!


Vanessa said...

I was really impressed by the medallions Daphne Osena designed. The quality was amazing, and the necklaces were definitely heirloom material. It's my aspirational bling!

The Bag Hag said...

TIN! Thank you for the plug!! WOw!!! I'm so honored!!!

happy birthday again :) :)

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