Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goyard St. Louis Price Points

Dear MFO,

I wrote to you before to ask for advice on what LV bag to buy. I'm happy to say I bought one already during my recent trip to HK. I bought a ribera damier. I wanted to heed your advice but didn't have enough moolah for an epi bowling montaigne. Thanks just the same. I'm taking fancy on a goyard bag this time. Want something a bit casual like the St. Louis. Would you have an idea how much it is and if the prices in HK are ok? Thanks.

Goyard Dreamer

Thanks for writing again Goyard Dreamer! The ribera damier is a great pick! As for your next target, the St. Louis comes in three sizes, and thus, 3 price points. The Junior is the smallest, PM is the more popular size, and the GM is the bigger one. Last I checked at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, which was months ago, the PM retailed for $940 while the GM was $1040.

In Hong Kong, if my memory serves me right, the PM would be about HKD 7,100 and the GM about HKD 8,500.

Of course, these bags are cheaper in Paris. A PM retails for €510 (roughly $642, but will come out much less to about €449 or $566 when you deduct the 12% tax refund for tourists).


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot are a girl's best friend. have a nice week ahead.

Goyard dreamer

Anonymous said...

I need help! I'm contemplating which bag to buy...a damier speedy or a goyard st. louis. need your advice!

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

ho would u know the price of the croisierre in the states? :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi! I just went to Bergdorf yesterday and it was $2115 =)

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm wondering what is the size of the small st. louis pm in terms of inches?

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