Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stocking Stuffer #3: Sharpie Mini

I've always been a sucker for school supplies. Back in grade school and high school, a trip to National Bookstore on a school day was a treat! When I went to UP Diliman for college, I was a Miranda Bookstore regular, (when I didn't have time to go to National Katipunan, heehee) Without even meaning to buy anything, I'd find myself with back-up supplies of Pilot G-tec pens and all sorts of notepads, folders, pretty paper or whatever the teeny tiny bookstore had to offer. When I went to graduate school in AIM, it was back to National Bookstore, which was just across the street in Greenbelt. My friends and I would scour the aisles for cute stuff - Post-it notepads, 3M scotch tape in clear pastel tape dispensers, colorful staplers, filing materials and other supplies. Every single week.

I guess buying school/office supplies is a habit not a lot of people grow out of. I know lots of folks my age who can't resist a cute notebook, or a pretty pen up to now. So I know that no matter what, anything related to school or even office supplies is a welcome treat! That's why I think these Sharpie Minis are a great stocking stuffer! They're cute, colorful and practical! Maybe not something a person would think of buying for one's self, but nevertheless great to receive!

Buy a 12-color Sharpie Mini set (black, red, blue, green, lime, orange, aqua, berry, purple, burgundy, plum and navy) plus some colorful lanyards/dog tag ball chains from Divisoria or eBay, and for less than Php100 each, you've got handy dandy giveaways for 12 people right away!


Tammy David said...

I like going to National Bookstore too for "therapy" :p They're going to open a new branch in Glorietta FIVE (in between Rustan's & Intercon)

wait wait wait where can I buy sharpie minis in Manila? I bought mine pa from the US kasi hassle. Been asking the bookstores when they're going to stock up on sharpie pens David Beckham is endorsing. My sharpie stash is running out!

Vanessa said...

Definitely my kind of gift! In fact, for a "cheerful and cheap" theme, this would be just perfect.

Personally, I'm crazy about the Stabilo felt pens. (I wonder if they're available in Manila.) Perfect for writing and color-coding those notes. Being organized-to-within-an-inch-of-her-life, I find these absolutely essential. :-)

Vanessa said...

Here's what I'm talking about (Stabilo felt pens), and hopefully soon a feature in the bookstores back home:

It's hard not to be obsessive. ;-)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Tammy! Shopspot.multiply will be bringing in Sharpie Minis! There's also a 25 piece multicolor set arriving late Dec/early Jan! But I remember seeing office supply stores there in Manila selling Sharpies! Office Depot or something like that, also the bookstores, but not all colors though! Hope this helps!

I don't recall seeing Stabilo felt pens back homes, mostly highlighters! But these felt pens are pretty cute to have too Vanessa!

Tammy David said...

Awesome news!! thanks for the link :-) I really hope they sell sharpie pens soon!

the fash pack said...

ooo, we didn't know they came in such fab colors! we only have the basic black-blue-red-green set

Anonymous said...

Hahaha yeah ever reliable Miranda Bookstore! I'd always find myself leaving the shopping centre with supplies I didn't plan on buying!

And I love Sharpies. I love drawing with them and if I were to get these Sharpie Minis, I'd probably keep them all to myself! :p

Anonymous said...

you know, theres a row of art stores near ust(p.nov) that sell lots of this kind of stuff.
like jolis.
its where the CFAD/archi kids go.

carladoo said...

where can you get super sharpie locally?

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