Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stocking Stuffer #2: Royalty Shop Hair Bands

For about Php200, even less, you can give out these headbands from The Royalty Shop. Made of either satin, velvet, or textured fabric as in the case of the Victoria Turban, and accentuated with ribbons, rhinestones, florettes, or shiny stones, these hair accessories add just the right hint of girly charm and a little bit of sparkle and spice to a holiday outfit!

Matilda Satin Headband -P105

Matilda Velvet Headband - P135

Belle Headband- P180

Georgia Headband - P160

Eve Headband - P205 (white) and P235 (black)

Victoria Turban - P175

Salem Headband - P190

Lauren Headband - P90 and P170 (w/ rhinestones)

Lorraine Headband - P160 and P200 (w/ rhinestones)


Anonymous said...

dear mfo,

i wrote to you before to ask for advice on what LV bag to buy. I'm happy to say I bought one already during my recent trip to HK. I bought a ribera damier. i wanted to heed your advice but didn't have enough moolah for an epi bowling montaigne. thanks just the same. i'm taking fancy on a goyard bag this time. want something a bit casual like the st.louis. would you have an idea how much it is and if the prices in hk are ok? thanks.

Goyard Dreamer

Marian said...

ok i could not make a choice as they are all delish Cd! makes me wish i had some hair to wear them!
muah! your on my fave link list dear.

angel said...

love headbands! have been collecting them for sometime now. not a big fan of Blair though. love reading your blog :)

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