Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sharing Her Spoils

For those in Manila who want to get their hands on CDG for H&M, great news! Lainey, who is based in Norway, is bringing her CDG for H&M acquisitions back home this December!

She left a comment for this post which I'm sharing with y'all!

Hi. Please pardon my "using" your blog to advertise, but I've just put up a blog: about CdG. I'm suddenly inspired to share my shopping. The prices are a little higher, but still much cheaper than going abroad to buy them. Many thanks.

Tempted? Click here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear MFO,

my gosh, have you checked her prices for each piece cdg for h&m she's selling? It's ridiculously priced. Sobrang mahal!!! Well, "to each his own", ika nga... negosyo nya yan pero wag naman to the extent na pati pambayad nya ata sa airfare nya ay chinarge nya sa binebenta nya....LOL and to top it all, walang kasigarudahan na matatanggap mo yung item coz she has a zero feedback sa ebay site nya... So good luck na lang sa mga bibili...


Avid fan reader

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