Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Clear Shoe Box Project

You know how some shoe-aholics take photos of their shoes and stick it outside the shoe box so that they know which shoe goes in which shoe box; and which shoe box to pull out when dressing up? Well, here's a prettier alternative to that - a Clear Shoe Box from The Clear Shoe Box Project!

Truth be told, I like buying Lanvin shoes because of the gorgeous shoe boxes, but I also wouldn't mind having my shoes stacked up nicely like this (you can stack up to ten of these shoe boxes without losing its shape)...

I can stare at my shoe collection for hours, so this is a great way to showcase your shoes without exposing it to dust! Kind of like in a museum gallery yes? Heehee!

These 11.5 x 6.5 x 4 boxes can easily fit most ladies shoes.

For more details, check out The Clear Shoe Box Project Multiply site.

Oh, and hey, they give discounts for bulk purchases! For inquiries leave a message at or text 09178811610.


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Marian said...

hey darling how are you? no early morning sickness i hope :o)
darling C.D the shirt i was wearing in my post is from Next like the shoes
also love these clear shoes boxes,my ideal shoes closet is the one that Big builds for Carrie Bradshaw in the sex and city movie ;o)

cd_mfo said...

Just about done with the morning sickness Marian, thanks! =) Oh, and thanks for the tip, although we don't have a Next here! Sigh!

DC Shoes UK said...

nice blog, it is a good way to keep your shoes. i appreciate your idea. its really looking like a museum.

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