Friday, January 02, 2009

16 Weeks

Ahhh, the New Year! Signifying fresh starts and new beginnings!

I have a strong feeling 2009 is going to be a great, fantastic year for all of us! Personally, because Dear Hubby and I are expecting our Little One who is slowly making me look like I have a serious beer belly...

While my bigger jeans still fit, I have to keep the button open just to make sure I won't squeeze my belly! It was a great thing I had the foresight (ha! back then this was an impulse purchase! I had to have it after seeing it on the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 08 runway) to buy this super adorable Lego belt months ago. The buckle is big enough to cover my un-bottoned waistband.

I totally forgot I had it, and was super pleased when I saw it in my closet! Dear Hubby and I like to think of it as Little One's first toy. (As if baby can see it, but it's a fun and amusing thought that this cute thingamajig is close by, hahaha!)

I've also been very homesick these past couple of months, and it's a great thing that with Little One arriving this year, our parents and siblings have all made plans to visit us all throughout the year! So yay! Little One's arrival will definitely bring us lots of love and cheer!

Despite the gloom and doom economic forecasts of 2009, there is much to look forward to! I can forego shopping, because what matters really is being healthy and being surrounded by family and friends!

Cheers to 2009! All the best, and only the best to us all!!!


Marian said...

yay!!!! CONGRATS ON THE BABY!! congrats C to both hubby and you my sweet!
you must be super excited.
Like the lego belt too!

big kiss,

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Marian! We are super excited! =)

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