Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Both!

Dear Hubby and I live right by the Hudson. As in literally a stone's throw from the water. We wake up each morning to the sight of it, a calm and steady river occasionally punctuated by scenes of tugboats passing by, the NY Ferry ferrying commuters across, and jet skiers chasing after each other during the summer. When we walk by the river, we'd just normally see ducks, geese and sea gulls sunning themselves on the abandoned docks when there are no boats to watch.

It's always been uneventful really. Except for that one time when the Hudson receded and the water was so shallow that we could see the river bed for a good half a mile from the boardwalk. I told Dear Hubby, "What if there's a tsunami coming?" And I got really freaked out, not realizing tsunamis don't really happen in rivers haha.

Other than that, a major happening would really just be cruise ships coming to dock on the West Side Highway. I always hoped I would get to see something exciting happen on the Hudson. Well guess what! Apparently, a bird strike caused a US Airways plane to make an emergency landing on the Hudson at around 3 this afternoon. Just a few hundred feet away from our apartment!

Oh my! It's a good thing all passengers were able to leave the plane safely! The pilot and his crew really did an amazing job, it's nothing short of a miracle!

Up until this evening, ambulance trucks, police cars and news vans were at the ferry terminal still monitoring the scene. The residents in our area must have had quite a thrill seeing all these happening in our normally boring neighborhood!

Now I will never look at those birds by the river the same way again!

(Photos from Tama/Getty and Eric Thayer/Reuters)


Anonymous said...

I lived by Newport Pavonia before and I also had the view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline from my window....It would've been cool to have witnessed this :):):)

Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering if this happened right in front of your condo when I first heard it. Aside from everyone in the plane being safe, it's a good thing that nothing happened to the community along the river!

Hope you guys are doing well /=D

cd_mfo said...

Newport is a nice place! Cool and maybe scary at first! Heehee!

If I was home I would have seen the plane glide down from my window Roch! Thanks goodness everyone came out safe! We're doing great, a bit of excitement to last us a week, hehe! Thanks Roch! =)

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