Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stephen Sprouse: Rock on Mars On The Radar!

If you haven't put your name down on the waiting list yet at Louis Vuitton for the second edition of the Graffiti collection, I suggest you start making your move to Sprouse up your bag closet!

If not, then just visit the Sprouse retrospective at Deitch Projects's Wooster Street Gallery should you be in New York from this month until the end of February 2009. Otherwise, just get yourself the Stephen Sprouse book, for $65 you've got something interesting to place on your coffee table!

Read all about my Sprouseian adventure here!

My editor Cecile says this story made it to the front page of the paper. Woot woo! Now I can say I've made it to the front page of a major daily! Heehee!

Thanks Grace for scanning this article! =)

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