Friday, January 09, 2009

Mommy Dearest

I was talking to my Mom this morning and if there's one thing moms can't help but do even if they are thousands of miles away, that has got to be their need to give "words of advice", to put it lightly! Haha! Jeez, I'm 32, about to have a kid of my own, an ocean away, and I still feel like I'm 12 and caught red-handed doing something naughty!

See, my mom reads my blog. And while she was amused at how my belly has grown, she said she was embarrassed by my lack of sensitivity in posting a picture of my winter boots! She says I have too many, and that I should only be satisfied with one. That many people are suffering and I go out there and post photos of shoes. She was concerned, I may come across as shallow. Sigh. Are 4 pairs of winter boots too many? That's all I have really.

My mom thinks I have a shoe addiction, but of course, moms tend to exaggerate their children's behavior (for better or worse)...

So I'm curious. And here are two questions I hope you can help me out with. I would love to know:

1. How many is too many?

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Spill it!

(Photo above is Mariah Carey's shoe closet from


celine said...

Awww ... well your Mom is like a saint so I can understand why she feels that way BUT I think 4 pairs is actually a very reasonable number!

As for me, I have one pair each of black and brown flat knee high boots, 2 pairs of black high heeled boots that I never use, one pair of high heeled booties, one pair of UGGs, and one pair of galoshes. That's seven and I feel I need at least one more pair! Heehee ... So don't feel too concerned!

Anonymous said...

i had 3 boots when i was in london and i only kept one of them when i had to move again.

Conchita said...

we're just talking about boots right?! hehehe... i just have two...

but if we're talking about shoes... i have to say i probably have 50 to 60... but of course, i haven't really tried counting.

Anonymous said...

Too many for me, in shoes and footwear and clothes, means there are certain pairs or articles you don't get to wear within a year.

I clean out my closet as the year ends every year and if i see something that i haven't worn in the past 12 months, i toss it. Except if it holds genuine sentimental value or high monetary value.

I learned this trick from one of Readers' Digest's books on organizing stuff.

Just sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

oh you're fine, silly!! you are not addicted to shoes. you are just an admirer of finely-crafted leather products :) and you are supporting the economy!

Anonymous said...

ok... ouch! when I was in NY, i had more than 4 pairs.. but I used all of them and in fact, still manage to wear some of them whenever I travel.

and now that I am in Manila, i have a LOT of shoes!!!!

so paano na???

Anonymous said...

You can never have too many boots/shoes. I own a pair each of black riding boots, brown lace-up boots, black rain boots, black galoshes, black ankle boots and brown ankle boots. They serve different purposes so it's justified that I own all of them! ;-)

Siska said...

oh m< god I want her shoes closet!I have 20 pairs I think but I don´t wear them all

Anonymous said...

I will have to agree with KayAnne, you have too many if you don't get to use some of them at all. But, 4 is ok I guess.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks for your comments and tips dear readers, friends and online buddies! Made me feel loads better! Heehee!

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