Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sharing My Outfit Day: Buttons A Poppin!

I have errands to run today. So no excuses not to go out! Need to get to the SK-II counter at Saks and get beauty supplies among other pressing matters. Yeah, I haven't really been putting anything on my face except moisturizing sunblock and I think my skin is just getting drier and flakier by the minute. I've run out of the facial treatment lotion and am in desperate need of face powder, which I figured I'll just buy after I give birth. But as my friend Ivy and I agreed, it seems we look older in pictures, and we were lamenting the fact that we don't look as "fresh" anymore! Hahaha! So our mantra for the year is "Ibalik ang Glow!" (Bring back the Glow!) Besides, I've read that SK-II is safe for pregnant women, Cate Blanchett used it while she was pregnant and didn't her skin look great at the time?

So anway, here's another drab neutral outfit composed of old stuff from my closet! See, I scrimp on clothes but splurge on skin care!

Sweater: Mango
Painter Smock Top: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Leggings: Old Navy
Tights: Target
Boots: Lanvin

Here's the view from the top! I can still see my shoes! Pushing on 17 weeks!

But yeah, buttons are a poppin'!


Marian said...

darling that smock is gorge.also its great to know that SK-II is safe for use during pregnancy.ive never tried it but i should!
muah x

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see you in fashionable obviously preggo state. =)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks marian! It's one of my favorite tops! You should try SK-II, I swear it makes a difference, I've noticed when I stopped using it!

Haha, yeah Alissa! I can't wait too! Maybe by my 5th or 6th month! That's when it becomes more challenging! Heehee!

Unknown said...

I loved being pregnant! Just wish the clothes were a little more stylish then. Or maybe I wish I had a little more money then to buy the nice preggy clothes. Anyway, its not 5 years too late.

Great outfit. DBL is coming back, by the way, Tin.

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, I feel lucky Mieke because regular clothes these days can work as maternity clothes! Thanks! Wait, what's DBL? I'm kinda slow these days haha!

McDreamer said...

the picture of the poppin' buttons look so cute!!! congrats Tin, sorry, 'been out of the circle lately... now i've got tons of articles to read from your site!!! i love your outfit, you look so chic...


Marian said...

happy wknd honey!hope yours is lovely.

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! As the day progressed, only one button was holding up my shorts Jin! Thanks thanks and see you online more often! =)

Have a lovely weekend too Marian! There's going to be a snowstorm tonight though! Wah! =)

Unknown said...

It's my old blog Don't Be Losyang. Sorry for the plug. You don't have to post this comment.

I loved the Outfit of the Day though.

cd_mfo said...

Oh yes! Don't Be Losyan! Yay you're back to blogging!!! Wait, I just read it, so funny! Twilight fanatic! Heehee!

Eubelle said...

what are the stuff i need to just start off with the SK-II? Essence and Facial Clear lotion you think?

i think i'll try it. after i gave birth a week ago, my skin has been pealing...dont know why but i definitely need a really good moisturizer that doesnt burn.

Anonymous said...

goodness, it's been a minute since i visited your blog... congratulations!! very exciting times!

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