Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ruffles Have Ridges

I'm freezing my ass off here, but all I can think about are dresses! I compiled a folder of photos of dresses that I adore from net-a-porter and then it struck me! Hey, there's a common theme here!

From D&G - classic and elegant, but with a little something something. I like!

From Diane von Furstenberg- Simple but with a statement!

From Juicy Couture - not my kind of color, and I would normally stay away from Juicy Couture (it's too California cutesy for me) but the ruffles look like so much fun! This would be great in another color, any color!

From Lover - I just love the little girl vibe coming from this dress! And those dainty ruffles down the front just adds the right bit of charm to it!

From Marc by Marc Jacobs - dark and edgy, but still girly!

From Paul & Joe Sister - this just looks so fun and fabulous! I'd feel like a blooming flower, and in a good way too!

From Temperley London - light and airy! But not too frilly!

You diggin' ruffles too?

(Photos from Net-a-Porter)


Candy said...

I love Ruffles!
I had ruffles on my wedding gown when we got married last month!

Unknown said...

I am loving the Marc Jacobs look. I have been noticing a lot of ruffles all over the place. I was planning to talk about it in a "planned" DBL post on the Golden Globe Awards. But of course, my Robert Pattinson addiction withdrawal took over me, again.

I'll try to do a feature on the Oscars na lang.

Anonymous said...

I really like the one from LOVER esp w/ the sandals. :)

cd_mfo said...

Saw your site Candy! Gorgeous gown!

Hahaha! Robert Pattinson pa din ha!

The dress from Lover is my favorite too Catty!!!

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