Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

So I finally gave in and bought maternity clothes. I've delayed buying maternity clothes for the longest time because I figured, I'd keep on using my old clothes (I have lots of loose tops and empire style tops and dresses anyway) to save on money. Besides, my jeans still fit as long as I keep them unbuttoned.

What also keeps me from buying maternity clothes is that fact that I avoid going to the shops, even go online shopping, because horror of horrors! I feel like puking every time I see clothes and shoes! Seriously. I hate shopping these days. Dear Hubby says getting me pregnant turned out to be the solution for "shopaholicism" or at least my penchant for perpetual window shopping. So for the first trimester, I didn't buy anything at all, save for the Lanvin boots that my friend Mary Anne convinced me to buy, and which she bought for me anyway, with no effort on my part!

But then, I had to face reality when I realized that I needed maternity leggings and tights. Everything I had was digging into my hips or squeezing my belly, and I didn't want to subject Little One to a tight spot. So I went online, straight to Topshop Maternity to get me some leggings and tights. While looking around, I added a basic white tank to my list. And decided to throw in a nice striped tunic for good measure.

I'm a very conscientious shopper, really. I hardly buy stuff unless it's necessary or unless I am absolutely in love with it and just feel I have to have it. I think things over most of the time. And I am very careful with getting pieces that fit well and in my right size. But it's true what they say, that being pregnant makes you scatterbrained at times. I knew that the Topshop US site listed US sizes, I read that more than 5 times I swear.

But what do I do? I go ahead and order the leggings and tunic in a US Size 6! Knowing full well that I am a UK 6. My oh my! And now my order is on its way to me, and I am afraid I might end up with baggy leggings and a tunic top 2 sizes too big!

If that's the case, then I'd have to send it back and spend $15 on shipping! Jeez! Oh wouldn't it be loverly if everything I ordered miraculously fits? I'm crossing my fingers!!!


Conchita said...

i also was in denial buying maternity clothes. i didn't want to spend so much on clothes i might not get to wear long.

i finally gave in coz so hard to dress up for work. i bought most of my clothes in SM. i figured at least it was cheap and relatively fashionable. my tops were not more than P400 a piece and pants P600.

cd_mfo said...

That is such a good deal Cons! Too bad for me. No SM here!

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