Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Spoolful of Thread Social

I guess a little online shopping was all it took to get me started on looking at dresses again. I just love dresses. Not that I wear them a lot these days, but soon soon when the weather is warmer! I can't wait!

So I headed off to net-a-porter, only my favorite spot for fashion inspiration. And gosh golly wow, did I see a lot of cute dresses! Most of my favorites are from a relatively new line launched in Spring 2006 called Thread Social.

Thread Social is the ready-to-wear line of Thread, an elegant and stylish bridesmaid line designed by Beth Blake - a former Chanel public relations coordinator and Vogue Fashion Editor and Melissa Akey - a former intern turned personal shopper at Barneys. Their backgrounds, combined together, just oozes loads of style and sophistication don't you think?

Wear these dresses and it's practically a guarantee that you'll steal the spotlight!


Anonymous said...

just checked their site. love their spring 09 collection!

cd_mfo said...

It is gorgeous!!! Makes me want to wear dresses these days =)

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