Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spin A Win!

I think the Little One gets excited about Fashion Week as much as I do. When my friend Sarj and I went to the Bryant Park tents yesterday to watch the Pamella Roland F/W 2009 runway show, she (yes! we are having a little girl!) was kicking and moving inside my tummy as we stood in line at the McCafe booth (my friend Sarj had to get her coffee fix, I indulged by having a decaf iced coffee heehee!). I think the Little One knew she was inside the tents!

Because we had time to kill, we passed by the Havaianas booth to check out what goodies they had in store. Last season, Sarj said they were giving away free flip flops! But when we got there, they had this wheel of tiny colorful flip flops which we could spin. If you land on a metallic flip flop, you get a sling bag! Well, they say pregnant women are lucky and guess what! I won a red sling bag for the Little One (choices were black, pink and red. Because I think red is lucky, and well, it went with my outfit for the day, I got the red one!)

Check out the strap made out of the same rubber as the flip flops! Cute! The hardware on this sling bag was pretty high quality too! I think this would make a handy dandy bag for summer!

Sarj won this cute keychain with candy, which she generously gave me. She said it would fit the Little One! Hahaha! Sarj is such a hoot!

A photographer inside the tents approached me and asked to have a picture of my bag taken. Silly me handed out the Havaianas sling bag to him and he said, "No, I want to take a picture of you with the bag!" Ooops! So I posed gladly although a bit too self-consciously for him, but forgot to ask where the picture would come out. Oh well!

This is what I wore yesterday...

Playsuit/Romper: A.P.C.
Tights: Topshop Maternity
Boots: Golden Goose

Here's my romper up close...

I love how I can wear this for summer too with sandals or my fave Chucks. Notice the belly bulge? I'm almost 23 weeks now! How time flies!

Oh, speaking of the Pamella Roland show, since the designer is a celebrity fave, Sarj and I did spot a couple of celebs! We had a blast trying to identify them, haha! Cheesy but fun! Nicky and Paris Hilton were easy to pin down, Sarj saw Kelly Pickler, I noticed Kristen Bell and we thought Amanda Bynes was Lindsay Lohan from the side. We also saw America's Next Top Model's Miss J and Nigel Barker (Sarj nudged me and said "Why are they taking a picture of this guy beside us? Who is he anyway?, of course I was like, "Sarj! That's Nigel Barker!" Hahaha!)

Too bad of all the days I would forget to bring my camera to the tents, this was the day! Oh well! I hope my narrative was entertaining enough!

(Photo of the Havaianas booth from


Anonymous said...

oooooo, you're having a girl!!! so exciting /=D now you can play dress up with her too once she's out hehehe.

and the havaianas sling bag is really cute too hehehe =)

Conchita said...

ohhh! you're having a girl!!! congrats! poor daddy will be out-shopped by his two lovely ladies!

hmmm... i should tell magnus to watch out for the little girl tita CD will be having soon... hahaha!

cd_mfo said...

Yes Roch! So exciting!!! We will have a live doll to play with, hahahaha! And yeah, the bag is surprisingly nice for a freebie! I'm happy! =)

Cons! Yes I think so! But at least we can tell daddy what we are buying are "investments" because I can pass them on to the little girl! Hahaha! Oh and yeah, tell Magnus he will have a playmate soon! Playmate lang first ha! Wahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Wow !! You went to Pamela Rolland's show at Bryant Park. Where can I buy tickets for the Bryant Park shows? Thanks !!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Tracy! Unfortunately, the shows are by invitation only. You can get in if you get an invite, or have friends who have spare invites. Most of the people who watch the shows are fashion editors/press, buyers, and Fashion Week organizers/sponsors who get invites to the shows. Fashion students get in by volunteering as support staff (receptionists, dressers, etc). Otherwise, you can for example, book a room and get the Fashion Week package at the W Hotel, which is a sponsor, and they can get you invites to a show just like that! =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks !!

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