Thursday, February 19, 2009

Never Say Never

I said I would never be one of those pregnant women who wear loose or garterized pants. I thought it looked sloppy, if not unflattering. But now that my tummy is getting bigger, I haven't worn any of my jeans or pants because I can no longer zip it up. These days, I'd rather go for comfort than style. Thus, loose or garterized pants are beginning to look appealing to me. Really appealing.

Two weeks ago, I went shopping with my sister who came over for a visit. She was on the lookout for a puffer jacket at Zara, but I was the one who ended up going home with three pairs of loose pants! Stylish ones at that! I got two pairs of dhoti/drop crotch pants and a slouchy harem trouser - all for the staggering amount of $29.70!!! Yes, each pair of pants was just $9.90 each!!! What a steal!

Here's how I styled my loose pants. Not so sloppy right?

Drop crotch pants with side pockets...

Top: T by Alexander Wang
Tights: Topshop Maternity
Flats: Lanvin

Dhoti pants with side waist tie and buttons...

Breton shirt: Petit Bateau
Scarf: Isabel Marant
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor

My harem trousers are in the wash. Since it has a garterized waist, I've been wearing it nonstop for the last couple of days. Now I promise never to say never. I swear these loose trousers are heaven sent. So comfy and my tummy doesn't feel squished at all. There's lots of the room for the Little One to grow into actually. I am lucky that I am pregnant at a time that these are the style of trousers in fashion!


Lisa said...

I'd never thought of drop-crotch trousers as being ideal pregnancy wear before. Clever AND stylish!

cd_mfo said...

I never thought they would work too until I tried them and they were sooo comfy! Not to mention very cheap! Heehee! Thanks Lisa! =)

Anonymous said...

I love it cd so fab!!

Anonymous said...

Those are not sloppy at all! They're so stylish! I soo love those looks!

celine said...

How funny, I saw some DC pants in H&M the other day and was just thinking that they'd probably be perfect preggy clothes for you, and ta-daaa! You and I are starting to think alike Tin!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks Anon!

Thank you Kelly!

Cel, great minds! Heehee!

Nikki said...

as they say, dont knock it till you've tried it!

i've been looking for one for ages and was lucky enough to find topshop ones on sale mid year last year! so comfy! =D

Anonymous said...

I have them same pants! Got them from the sale!! :D Have yet to wear them though.

Vera said...

Very Stylish!

Anonymous said...

i never thought i'd wear harem pants til a couple of months ago, found really nice long ones from zara. people think it's yohji, too! i even wear it to work :p

Anonymous said...

sayang you cant wear heels.. would look good in those too- trina

Anonymous said...

Cool! I myself got 2 pairs of pants fr Promod last week. One is pleated, slightly tapered and the other is a pair of harem pants! I am so excited to wear them. You look so stylish and cute and cool. As always. :)

cd_mfo said...

Spot on Nikki! And oh yeah, Topshop does have great pairs of drop crotch pants=)

Oh you'll love them Anon! Wear it asap!

Thanks deep in vogue! =)

Yeah, these Zara ones are such a smart buy Grace! They look expensive too! Heehee!

Yeah, I guess no heels for me until I give birth Trina!

Awww, thanks Anon! I thought I'd be ok with just one too, but these pants are just so fun and comfy, it's hard to get just one! You'll enjoy wearing yours for sure!

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