Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Second-Racked, Trying Hard Copycat! Still About Topshop SoHo...

While Racked has posted the innards of Topshop, thanks to WWD...this is all I have to show you...photos of the store facade and store window display which I took yesterday! I know, I've turned into this Topshop stalker, but when you're a housewife with a lot of time in your hands, and with a deep longing for Topshop, this is what happens!

Check out the Brit flag!

The Topshop window display...

Topman window display...

For your Topshopping pleasure, here's the floor plan from WWD:

"In the New York flagship, each selling floor is 6,000 to 7,000 square feet, with Topman for men’s wear on the basement level. Topman includes a Lens boutique for contemporary wear and Topman’s runway looks showcased during London Fashion Week; a revolving shop to highlight trends like trenchcoats, blazers, and scarves; a denim area that features skinny jeans in a variety of washes and finishes; a “T room” for graphic and more basic T-shirts; an accessory area for geeky eyeglasses and Trilby hats; an area for Plimsol canvas pumps and other footwear, and a Smart shop for suits.

In Topshop, on the main floor, front and center is the big trend story, which is currently themed Glory Days, a post-War nod to florals, stripes and “Englishness,” as Homer noted. On the mezzanine is the DJ booth, and on two, right off the escalator, is a 500-square foot “Boutique” featuring runway looks and designer collaborations including Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoll and Preen. At the end of April, Topshop will introduce a line by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame. Nearby is the 700-square-foot Kate Moss shop with about 60 percent dresses including sequined, sexy styles and long chiffon tiered dresses with Liberty prints, as well as daywear pieces such as jersey tops and statement jackets.

The second floor also houses denim, featuring slim boyfriend “Harper” jeans and “Baxter” slim skinny fits. There’s a jersey display, and a holiday shop for swimwear, shorts, sunglasses and beach cover-ups.

The third level features the “Voodoo” shop with darker, cobalt and grayish items; lingerie, and the most dramatic element — the shoe shop, which has the advantages of three dumbwaiters pulling up styles from storage and being naturally backlit by the tall windows overlooking Broadway. The shoe area is filled with colorful platforms with metallic embellishments and plenty of height.

Also housed in the store is a 1,500-square-foot media and event space, and to facilitate the selling eight personal style advisers in women’s and two more in men’s."

Oh dear, I hope it's not going to be ransacked as Racked has been forecasting! Now if only I can get hold of one of those $500 gift cards the roving Topshop van has been giving away...


gb said...

waaaahhhhhh i am going pistachios (nuts) cos i can't shop till after easter!!! you see, i gave up shopping for lent. seriously, who does that?! darnit! i should have stuck with my usual cookies-icecream-chips-chocolates sacrifice, or should've at least modified the kind of outfit-shopping to give up so my equilibrium won't be as disturbed. a week or 2 is ok but over 40 days is doing a little bit of a shock to my system. i can't even buy my fam/friends gifts for their b-days! i have to settle for buying them food or anything that doesn't pertain to wardrobe addition. either those or rainchecking a present. a week through lent, i also had to temporarily give up being the quintessential shop-buddy/consultant to friends cos i find myself wanting to poke my eyes out every time i see something pretty. and the worst part through this is suddenly hearing all about the good sales going on these days, the time i decide to try giving up shopping, ughh!

after all these complaining, grieving, all the funny and pathetic stories (& there's A LOT), i am still doing well surviving from this sacrificial act. super well, in fact, that i tend to look above first and double check my grocery items just in case something unnecessary is "accidentally" placed in my cart. i think it's doing somewhat good to my conscience. others have quit but i remain standing still, just never mind the internally bleeding eyes, constant complaining, and psychological disturbances from time to time haha. i just hope God will wipe out ALL the sins (including this almost-sacrilegious whining) i have accumulated all these 24 years of existence come easter.

bottom line, i'll be skipping the topshop festivities till way, way later. i want to just go and look around on thurs, but i know am only going to bribe my friends to buy stuff for me so i can buy the items from them right after/on the 12th LOL. i doubt God will like that idea very much though. so i'll be waiting (with my abnormal sizing, wish me luck finding anything decent among the ransacked leftovers). fun!

thanks and sorry for taking a big chunk of space on here (as usual). could've emailed you but that would be an odd way of responding to your stimulating entries ::wink::

Lisa said...

Haha you are kind of a Topshop stalker, but I've been really enjoying these posts! They're slightly voyeuristic yet immensely satisfying. ;-)

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Wrong timing Glendale! But well, that's ok, they will always have new stuff coming in each week so no worries! And that's ample time to let the hysteria die down too! I'm sure all your sacrifice is well appreciated, don't feel too bad! It's good discipline too! Haha!

Heehee, thanks Lisa! =)

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