Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sloppy Joe at 27 Weeks

Now this is me at 27 weeks.

Dear Hubby says my jeans look sloppy! Hahaha! Guess he's not used to me wearing baggy jeans! Then again, he doesn't know boyfriend jeans are THE shape of jeans these days! Hahaha!

Side view! Berry is getting so big!!! And she's been moving a lot! She especially likes it when we are talking about her or when she hears a lot of people chatting. As if she wants to join in on the conversation! What a gossip girl! 


Anonymous said...

you're looking so good! hope you have a safe delivery.

Jillsabs said...

you're absolutely glowing tin!

pregnancy suits you :)

Cj said...

wow tin you're getting prettier ah..when are you giving birth pala?Godbless you!!

Vanessa said...

You look great - not sloppy at all! ;-)

nicoleabu said...

wow ate, you really look like a preggy!
and the stripes make you look more preggy.
its so weird seeing a preggy tintin! so so so weird. cos youre so so skinny. and un preggy like. awww
you look like wheres waldo without the glasses and bonet. try it ;) hahahah

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks Anon, Jill, CJ, Vanessa and Nic! It's fun being pregnant, because I love it when she kicks and moves, but we also can't wait to have Berry come out! Heehee!

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