Saturday, April 04, 2009


Outside Topshop on opening day:

Don't be fooled by that scant looking line. This is just the number of people let into the barricaded line by the crowd control guys. The real line snaked 2 blocks, around Broome and Crosby, which amounted to a 2 hour wait if you were at the end of the line on Crosby. It was crazy!

End of the line along Crosby:

1 hour later on Broome:

Spotted surveying the scene across the street: Sir Philip Green - only the man responsible for Topshop!

Who came out with Kate Moss (in the green gown) just as Topshop's doors were flung open at 11 am sharp!

Unfortunately, that was the only photo I could get of Kate Moss, or rather just the lower part of her gown, hahaha!

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