Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vanessa Ang Wins Mega Young Designers Competition 2009

You must be sick of my Topshop posts by now, I sort of am too! Well, now that I've been inside and the idea of having it around has already sunk in, that's enough for me. Although of course, I will still be posting more pics, just so you know how insane the Topshop opening was! It was sort of fun actually, with lots of freebies, so yeah, I guess if you're killing time, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Anyway, more on that later! This is more important! Let me tell you about my friend Vanessa Ang, who just won Mega's Young Designers Competition last week!

The ICA alumna and Legal Management graduate from Ateneo was looking for something creative to do during her junior year in college that she started taking classes at PSID. But she realized interior design wasn't for her, so she went into fashion instead. After finishing at the Ateneo, she studied at Lasalle College International (where I took a short course in pattern making! Had fun, learned a lot and Grace was a wonderful teacher too!-MFO), then moved to Fashion Institute of the Philippines (where I studied sewing! Reasonably priced and highly recommended!-MFO) and finished her design course there.

She then decided to go to Parsons here in New York after finishing in FIP because she wanted to experience how fashion is done in an international setting. Her varied design exposures, from Manila to New York, turned out to be such a great influence in her design aesthetic, because her clothes are simply amazing! Very sophisticated and more importantly, wearable. Vanessa's pretty and well-constructed pieces will appeal to any girl with a taste for chic, feminine clothes that have an ethereal quality. I personally love her clothes, and not because she's my friend ha! I can imagine wearing her clothes to cocktails and formal gatherings, and I know I will feel good and look good wearing her dresses. What's more exciting is that she's only 26, but her designs are already so focused and well thought out! The future looks bright for Vanessa!

Read about my write-up on Vanessa on The Radar here!

Photos courtesy of Chuvaness.

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Jack O'Sullivan said...

Anyone who does the work seen in your post needs to be around for a long time. I am anxious and excited to see the work that she produces over the next few years.

Jack O'Sullivan
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