Thursday, May 14, 2009


Berry's Levi's Western shirt in pink gingham reminded me of how much I love gingham!

While gingham may be associated with school uniforms (here's my sister Nic's class picture back when she was five or six. Then she had to wear the Goldilocks uniform the whole of high school! Hahaha! Just kidding! Carino brutal Nic!)...

...yaya uniforms, or western shirts of course, gingham still holds its own appeal for me. I actually have tons of gingham in my closet. It's a print I can't seem to get enough of!

Check out these pieces you might want to get hold of, all in gingham!

Women's Silk Satire from Simple Shoes...

This style also comes in navy, red, black and sand. Unlike any typical sneaker out there, it's made from eco-friendly silk and has carpet padding too! Simple shoes are available in Rustan's in the Philippines.

Now here's something for the boys! But who says girls can't wear them too? Sunnies with gingham frames from Mosley Tribes, available at Barneys!

If you're in the mood to go all out with gingham, then go for gingham culottes...

or dresses, such as these from Michael Kors!

This playsuit from What Comes Around Goes Around, ain't so bad either! Available at Thing is at $230, I would have to pass!


khaz said...

i lurve those sunnies!

yenmax said...

I love these dresses. They are very classic look.

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