Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You Levi's! Love, Berry

Ooooohhh! Guess what we received in the mail?! A package for Berry from Melissa L-M. of Levi's New York! Yes, as in their office in Manhattan! How special is that? Berry hasn't been born yet but here she is getting a package from the PR department of Levi's heehee!

I remember my little sister Nicole wore baby Levi's jeans when she was a year old, which my mom paired with pastel high-tops. Hey, this was way back in 1990 haha! It's great to see that baby Levi's is still around, a true closet classic really!

Wanna see what Berry got?

A Levi's starter set which includes a denim jacket, jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks! Super adorable!

A Little Levi's Vintage Jacket for when she's a bit bigger! I can imagine her wearing this with a floral dress and saltwater sandals! Kakagigil! Or maybe with a striped tee, khakis and her silver driving shoes from the Stoeckls! Eeep! Soooo cute!

See how it has that vintage-y finish?

I told Dear Hubby we should keep the jacket even when she's all grown up because it's such a classic, iconic piece that will be a cute memento of her baby years! Guess what Berry's daddy said? "Berry should keep it for her own baby to use!", Hahaha! She hasn't even come out, but her dad has looked that far already?! Let's see how he'll react when Berry gets older and tells him she's getting married!

Oooh! And check out this cute Western shirt in pink gingham! I'm so tempted to try it on! Hahaha! I don't think Berry will let me borrow it though!

Our little Berry really is one lucky girl! My sisters and sisters-in-law have been updating me with the stuff Berry has been receiving back home (thanks Audrey & AJ for the Googoo & Gaga onesies, Ruby, Martin, Ralph for the "surprise" gift, the de Riveras for Berry's christening gown, Joni for the Rootote diaper bag, sorry if I forget to mention anyone right now!), which will be coming with my parents when they come and visit us! We can't wait to get hold of them so Daddy Harvey can take pictures because they're all so cute according to Berry's aunts!

So far, we've got all the essentials covered, thanks to relatives and friends! Except for Berry's cord blood registry and two sets of clothes that we just couldn't resist buying, everything else, from the crib, walker, winter coats, feeding chair (thanks to the Carales!) to the car seat/stroller, changing pad, and grooming kit (thanks to the Alinos!) to the bath tub (thanks to the Villanuevas!), to Berry's first check (thanks Tita Mariet!) plus all the cute little blankets, clothes, shoes, toiletries from our dear dear friends are all taken cared of! Amazing! We feel so blessed!


Thanks so much Tita Melissa! =)



celine said...

The denim jacket is just too cute!!!

Vanessa said...

Baby swag! Berry is going to step (or crawl) into style!

cd_mfo said...

Too cute Cel! I actually tried getting my arm into the sleeve, haha! Couldn't resist!

Heehee, yes Vanessa! Baby swag! Berry lucky girl! =)

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