Thursday, May 07, 2009

S-Whine Boo!

Because of that darn swine flu scare, I've been told to stay at home, just to be on the safe side. Although honestly, while I've avoided going to Queens never mind that Jolibee is there, the idea of riding the 7 train does freak me out a bit.

If you think that's absurd, I think our government officials are quite laughable too, asking Manny Pacquiao to stay in LA, according to the NY Times (sosyal, worldwide celebrity na talaga!). I mean come on, if he has been advised not to go home, that means everyone here in the US planning a trip to the Philippines should postpone their travel plans as well!

Nothing beats the Afghan officials though! Read here and tell me if this story isn't just hilarious!

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kookie kulasa said...

wow..what a very special pig :p poor thing's getting unwanted publicity even if you can't really get H1N1 directly from pigs

Anonymous said...

the advice came from WHO..

cd_mfo said...

While the advice came from WHO, the article reads,
"Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao will return to Manila as scheduled, ignoring advice from Philippine health officials to observe self-quarantine in the United States to help prevent the spread of swine flu."

Anonymous said...

hi mfo,

i'm your regular reader..

would u mind sharing ur pesto recipe please..

i've read ur post about ur wedding and thats ur give-away (with basil plant) to ur guest.

thank u so much!

cd_mfo said...

Sure! I will make a post about it! =)

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