Monday, May 11, 2009

Dancing Queen...Only 34 Weeks

Dear Hubby and I had lunch at Burger Joint last Saturday and as I got our order at the counter, the three guys behind it greeted me with a bright and jolly, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Before I could say "Thanks!", the lady cashier punctured the happy atmosphere with a sharp, "She don't look like no mother!", as if to admonish her three clueless colleagues, knowing full well that women who are mistaken for moms, won't take a Happy Mother's Day greeting too kindly! Hahaha!

But the men pointed out to her, "Look, she's having a baby!" and as she peered over the cash register, she saw Berry inside my belly and burst out a laugh, saying, "Oh, Happy Mother's Day to you!"

Yeah, Berry looks like she's about to pop soon! Just look at that belly!

Now that Berry's on her 8th month, I've been having more trouble sleeping at night due to very frequent pee breaks, and loud burps throughout the night, thanks to heartburn and gassiness. Coach Berry has been training me very well with the waking up every 2 hours exercise. Been waddling now too, with me having to support my belly when we go for long walks. Here I am caught adjusting my belly support band, hahaha!

I can actually give birth in 3-6 weeks, because Berry will be developed enough to come out on her 37th week. Although of course, I'm torn between being ok to have her come early because we are just so excited to see her; and having her arrive as scheduled, because my in-laws and my parents have all scheduled their trips around her coming on time! Let's see when Berry decides she's ready to meet us all!

As far as I know, she's having a great time right now inside my tummy because this entire weekend, she seemed to be enjoying turning 34 weeks! The whole of Saturday, she was just so hyper, starting early in the morning when Dear Hubby, Berry and I went to SoHo for our meeting with the very interesting subject of another story I am writing for The Radar! The whole afternoon, except for about 2 hours, she was hyper because she was guest of honor of a surprise baby shower (more about that in my next post!) planned meticulously by Daddy and my girl friends, and I think she reveled in hearing so many people chatting around her. By 2 am, she was still up, moving around my tummy as if she was dancing. So I sang Dancing Queen to her...

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go
Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
You come in to look for a king
Anybody could be that guy
Night is young and the musics high
With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
Youre in the mood for a dance
And when you get the chance...

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 34 WEEKS
Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

Abba! Berry didn't stop moving around until I finished singing that last phrase above to her! Even if her Daddy was telling her to go to sleep na! How funny!

(Photos by Daddy Harvey)


KayAnne said...

Young and sweet, only 34 weeksHaha! Funny! :)

Eubelle said...

aww tintin, it's so exciting! i remember being so eager, anxious, you name it!

i have to look so pretty! i cant wait to see pictures of berry. i hope you still get to blog when berry arrives. alam mo naman, i always read your blog and i get great ideas from you!

Diana G. said...

Love reading your little stories about Berry on top of your fresh reviews about fashion and everything under the sun!

Good luck on Mommyhood!

Anonymous said...

haha berry! i dreamed last saturday nigth that you were born and look like an asian suri cruise with long locks! ~trina

Styles I Love said...

wow! so near na! it's always nice to see your blogs about berry. i can imagine seeing you smiling the whole time while typing! congrats tintin!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, I couldn't stop laughing at Berry when she kept on dancing to that tune Kay Anne!

Thanks Belle! I will find time, promise! I think I'll be too excited not to share Berry's antics and outfits! =)

Thanks so much Diana! =)

Awww, Berry is you dream girl Trina! Haha!

So near na nga! Can't wait! And yes, I do smile a lot while writing about Berry! Heehee! Thanks Bobby!

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