Sunday, June 07, 2009

Boxing Match

Because Berry is coming soon, Dear Hubby and I set aside our entire Sunday evening to clear out the spare closet in our guest room. The excited grandparents will be staying with us one set after the other, so they will be needing the space. See, over the years, the guest room closet turned into our stock room, full of shoe and gadget boxes, unused clothes and suitcases, and extra supplies.

Everything was being cleared out fine until we got to our respective "collection" of boxes. Here's how our conversation went:

Hubby: Let's throw this out. We can use the space for other things...

Me: No! Those are Tiffany boxes! I want to keep them!

Hubby: But they're so bulky!

Me: I figured out where to keep them, basta I'll take care of it.

Hubby: In jest, Sige, pag wala ka, itatapon ko lahat ito! (Ok, but when you're not home, I'm going to throw all these out!) He then focuses on my stack of shoe boxes, Do you need all these? Let's throw them out.

Me: Wag! (No!) I want to keep them! I need them!

Hubby: This one na lang, it's so big!

Me: Wag! That's for my Lanvin boots! And it's so pretty!

Hubby: But you have two of these! It's taking up too much space! Just keep one!

Me: Hindi! I need both! What if I want to sell one on ebay?

Hubby: Sige, ibenta mo na! (Ok, sell them now!)

Me: Ayoko nga! (I don't want to!)

Hubby reluctantly stacks my shoe boxes with shoes inside one by one, way up on the upper shelves. Then he gets to a couple of shoe boxes with nothing inside.

Hubby: How about these? Let's throw these out, wala naman laman (it's empty)!

Me: Kasi mga summer shoes ko yan! And those are Chloes!

Hubby: Ok, how about this one?

Me: Sigerson Morrison!

Hubby: Ito? (This one?)

Me: Repetto!!! Then I grab the K Jacques before he notices it.

Hubby starts to look exasperated, so I give in a little...

Me: Sige you can throw all the Scoop and Nine West boxes.... Then I add, Ok, how about we throw your camera and lens boxes?

Hubby: No way! I need them!

Me: See, that's how I feel about my boxes...

Hubby: But for cameras and lenses, I need the box kasi if I re-sell them, I can sell it for more.

Me: Sige, pag nasa work ka, itatapon ko lahat yan! (Ok, when you're at work, I'm going to throw all these out!)

Hubby laughs and says, "I-try mo lang!" (You just try!)...An hour or two later, while an Aricept (treatment for Alzheimer's) commercial flashes on the TV screen:

Hubby: Pag nagka-Alzheimer's ka, itatapon ko yung shoe boxes mo... (If you get Alzheimer's, I'm going to throw out all your shoe boxes...)

Me: Grabe, ang sama mo! (You're so mean!)

Hubby: With a naughty glint in his eye...And then when you ask about your shoe boxes, I'll say "But Honey, you never had those shoe boxes!"

Grrrrrr!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Ok, so is it just me? Or do you girls keep all your shoe boxes too?


Tasha said...

I feel the same way!

kaye i. said...

LOLOLOLOL... that's exactly how me and my bf are! We have this spare room full of stuff just collecting dust. I learned how to let go of my not so valuable shoe boxes but never will I throw away the expensive ones! Same thing with the Tiffany boxes, you know, "just in case". But it's so easy for me to tell my bf to throw away his stuff/junk coz' IMO he doesn't need them. LOL.

Soapaholic said...

I do too.:D They take up so much space but they're pretty.:D

Darlene said...

I keep my shoes in the shoe box. But when I bought clear shoe boxes, I threw out the shoe box. It'll attract rodents eh.

Oh cant u re-use the empty boxes by using it as gift wrap? U only can do that in Manila tho hehehe and since we're Chinese, I think it's our culture to re-use packaging.

RubyG said...

ahahahah! That is soooooo funny!
I do keep my shoe boxes, especially those expensive ones. They do have nice boxes!!! :)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Woohoo! I am not alone! Thanks for the positive reinforcement Tasha, k604bc, soapaholic, Darlene and Ruby!

Darlene, yeah, I was thinking of using some of the boxes for packaging stuff when I ship little items back home, but oh well, had to make a concession! Heehee!

See, guys don't seem to get how we get a kick out of looking at pretty shoe boxes all in a row! (Or in rows and columns hahaha!)

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere, maybe patrick cox that you should keep your shoes in the boxes. and you can take polaroids and stick it outside.

raissa said...

LOL ang funny ng conversation niyo.

I keep my shoe boxes too. So many times I have thought of taking them out and putting them in a cabinet pero unless I have a really, pretty and functional walk in closet with a special side for my shoes alone, I will keep them in boxes especially if they are pretty ones =) Kahit nga to use it to repackage nanghihinayang ako

Anonymous said...

Haha reminds me of that sex and the city episode where aidan and carrie moved in together. Carrie with all her shoes and wardrobe and aidan with his speed sticks! :)

joylet said...

i do! shoe boxes are my number 1 problem especially when travelling coz i always hoard shoes :)

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, I agree raissa. Unless I have a built-in shoe closed in my walk-in closet, I will not throw the pretty boxes hahaha!

Haha! Oh yeah, I remember that anon!

Oh my joylet! I can imagine! Hahaha! Yeah, I can't bear to leave shoe boxes behind when I buy shoes abroad too!

apple said...

Super cute ng convo! :)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha, now, it does sound cute! At the time, I was writing this apple, I was looking for girl support! Heehee!

Anonymous said...

even our maids know which shoe boxes to throw away and which to keep. pag mga nine west and unisa...bye box!

Anonymous said...

I just had to comment as this is too funny! This is a typical husband-wife conversation not just with shoe boxes but with everything that's considered as shared space.

Honestly, I throw away my shoe boxes because I keep my shoes where I can see everything in one go! it's lined perfectly on the floor of our guest room. hahaha! It occupies a lot of space and the hubby is consistently complaining but I love them all dearly and I make it a point that hubby knows that and then he keeps quiet!! hahaha

- S

Debbie said...

i keep my shoes in their boxes so they don't get dusty and dirty.

cd_mfo said...

Sorry I missed replying to you Anon 6/08, 5:20! Yeah, I have often come across that tip too! That's why I hesitate when it comes to throwing away shoe boxes bec I know they're meant to protect and prolong the life of the shoe.

Haha, you've got well-trained maids there Anon!

You're lucky S! I can't seem to condition my husband to understand that we shouldn't even be discussing my shoes and their boxes, haha!

Hi Debbie! Yeah, that was one of my main reasons for keeping shoe boxes too, I should have used that argument! But then Dear Hubby might say, then just keep the dust bags, and throw the boxes. We'll see next time haha!

Unknown said...

i also keep my shoe boxes :))

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Trina! Yay! 1 point again for me, 0 for Hubby! Haha!

Mika said...

Tinnnnn!!! Keep that room clean! I'll be moving in!:P Lol... Berry's Au Pair requires a room of her own and FOOOOOOODDD.. LOTS OF FOOOODDD!!

cd_mfo said...

Oh, when you move here Leslie Mika, the shoe boxes are all going back down from their storage space! Haha!

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