Monday, June 08, 2009

My Kind of Complex

My mind sort of shuts down when I have to make sense of complex ideas. I honestly don't know how I got through my math classes in college (consider this, I was a Math major before I shifted to Business Economics in my third year so my first two years of Math classes were kind of out of this world hahaha. That's why I shifted you know! If I stayed too long, I knew my days were numbered! Heehee!). I mean, yeah if I concentrate really really hard, then I might just get it. But why bother, when life can be simple? Bwahahaha!

When I first heard of complexgeometries some time back from Camille of Childhood Flames, I was like..."my not... processing...this" and I sort of glossed over her photos even if I was actually very intrigued with the draping and cut of the clothes. This kid really knows her stuff and she wears clothes really well. Such a young sophisticate!

Then I saw Tommy Ton's (of Jak and Jil) work with the label, called The White Tee Project, and then suddenly! Light bulb on! Einstein moment! Now, I really gotta have this!!! Aaargghh!!!

If like me, you want to get hold of a piece, or ten too, shop HERE! The designs are very androgynous and architectural, both girls and guys will find something interesting for sure!


Vanessa said...

Oy! That's great design!

Joni Andrea said...

omg yes I love complexgeometries and I first heard about them through Camille of Childhood Flames as well hahaha. I love how you can wear their stuff in so many ways. :)

cd_mfo said...

So true vanessa and joni! Great design and can be worn in multiple ways! I think its so worth it!

rubyg said...

I follow Camille and love her ideas!!!

cd_mfo said...

I know, so do I Ruby! Heehee! And to think she's only 15-16! Gotta love this kid no?!

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