Thursday, June 04, 2009

How To Pass Time When You're Stuck At Home

I hear it's raining like crazy back home in Manila. Well, to commiserate, and to help you get through the day/s, let me share with you my secret to killing time! Watching Boys Before Flowers online on mysoju! ;)

I've seen Taiwan's Meteor Garden and Japan's Hana Yori Dango but this Korean version is my favorite above all! I think the cast is cuter (heehee) and the styling is adorable (Balenciaga inspired school blazers! Short plaid skirts! The hair! And make-up! - although the Japanese series was pretty cute too!).

Love love this show! I got so obsessed with finishing this series I think I did a 3 day marathon just to see it through the end.

My sister-in-law got me hooked with this Korean drama/comedy some months back, when I was stuck at home because of the super cold weather. Berry and I would watch it as soon as we got up, and we would only stop to get food to eat (so we could eat while watching). It's so amusing still, even though I already know how the story goes. I was so rooting for Jan Di and Jun Pyo all the way! Even Berry would move a lot for all the "kilig" parts! I would tease her and ask her if she already knows what love is, hahaha! The fact that I would "forget" to take a bath and be caught still wearing my PJs when Dear Hubby got home from work is a testament to how engrossing watching this is! Time will fly! Promise!


ano ni moose said...

it was also a 3-day marathon for me. funny how jan di was supposed to be 'poor' but she has a marc jacobs (ms. marc) messenger bag in one of the scenes!

Rachel Logan said...

thank you for the comment about my illustration!
I checked out the mysoju site and wow! so many dramas! thank you for the link. I'm currently watching cinderella man :D

S said...

oohh, i love this kdrama too, although i like hanayori dango better, have you seen "princess hours"? that's my all time fave...also "it started with a kiss" and "they kiss again"

raissa said...

I love this drama! oh go to their video quality is better but they are late in uploading it. Mysoju works fine as well. I was able to find a seller near me that sells the dvds at low price, great video quality and better than okay subs so I just wait when the series is over.

I love the fashion although minsan weird LOL

Yi Jung-Ga Eul shipper here LOL

Like S mentioned, watch "Princess Hours" its one of my faves. Oh and "Fated to Love You" (TW) got me hooked as well.

raissa said...

Oh and also "That Fool" is pretty funny. Its still airing in Korea pero meron na sa mysoju

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I loved Hana Yori Dango when I was 17; I'd watch my friends' downloads all the time.

Anonymous said...

I love Kdrama too! I remember staying up to 2am just to finish Romantic Princess! I love that story! Yes, MySoju is the best!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yeah, she actually doesn't dress "poor", you've got a sharp eye ano ni moose!

You're welcome rachel! My favorite would be your works with watercolors! =)

Thanks s! I've heard of Princess Hours! Will check out your recommendations! =)

Hehe, thanks for your tips raissa! Hope I find a store that sells dvds, although I'll check out too! Looks like I have a lot of dramas to catch up on!

I can so relate Lisa! I used to watch a lot years ago, then I re-discovered it again now that I'm pregnant haha!

Oooh, Romantic Princess sounds promising, I better check that out too! Thanks Anon! =)

Jen said...

haha! i too got hooked on these series and it was during finals week! bad timing. haha. it's a really good show though!

cd_mfo said...

Oh no Jen! I can imagine - that's really bad timing! But a welcome distraction, hahaha!

Nikka Reyes said...

Oh. I love BOF too. And I'm addicted to Yi Jeong/KIM BUM!

I also did a 3-day marathon just like you. And there was a time that when it was 3AM in the morning when I finished so that I wouldn't wait for tomorrow to finish the series.

And after the series I also got hooked in watching asian dramas. Like "1 Litre of Tears".

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