Wednesday, June 03, 2009

$30 Whooga Gift Card For MFO Readers!

I know it is "off season" (although these boots are meant to keep feet warm in winter and cool during the summer), but now might just be the time to buy your own pair of authentic, hand stitched, high-quality merino sheepskin boots from Whooga because I've got a $30 off coupon just for you, MFO readers! ;)

All you need to do is visit the Whooga website, place the boots of your choice into your shopping cart and enter the code MANILAFASH and that's it, $30 off just like that!

They may be ugly, they may be clunky, but when winter comes, it will keep your feet toasty. Sometimes, as they say, you'd have to sacrifice style for comfort. Although personally, while friends have attested to how great sheepskin boots are for winter, I have yet to succumb to this monstrosity. Let's see if $30 off will get me to change my mind... ;)

What makes Whooga different from the more commercial Ugg boots we often see around? Well, apparently it's their uniquely thick Merino sheepskin that sets them apart...

ugg bootsConvinced? Now, you're toasted! Hehe!


Vanessa said...

Oh same here! Even when I lived in New York and braved a rather harsh winter, I resisted these boots...It was not so hard.

PS. If the baby decides to arrive in between blog posts, just wanted to wish you a safe, easy and happy delivery of the bundle that's already so much joy to you! Will say a prayer for your little fam.

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! I know what you mean Vanessa! Thanks so much for your well wishes and we appreciate you praying for us! =)

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