Monday, August 03, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 2

Thank you time continues! Who needs shoes when you have socks like these?!

Thanks Lola Sarj and Lolo Toni (hahaha!) for these delightful and sosy Trumpette Socks! The box alone is pretty...

the socks, so arte! Just like pointe shoes!

Thanks Aunt Pam, Uncle John and Jacob for these pretty socks from Funky Feet!

Berry can't wait to wear them as soon as they fit! She has all these pretty dresses that will go so well with these!

Thanks Aunt Rochelle and Uncle Fino for this version of Funky Feet socks!

Basic Mary Janes with colorful printed socks! Adorable!

Perfect indeed for Berry, our baby fashionista!

We just need her feet to grow and fit into these socks. She's still so tiny, awwww...

Thanks Ninang Ruby, Martin and Ralph for these embellished socks from Almost Shoes...

I can't decide which one is the prettiest!

They fit her now! Still a bit loose, but they don't fall off, so my Mom & I got her to wear our top pick first...the pink ones with the pink "crystal" bead on the "vamp", heehee!

To be continued...we have lots of friends and family to thank! =)


Dianne said...

So cutes! I wish they made these socks in my size! Heehee! ;p

kaye i. said...

LOL the Mary janes socks are awesome! Berry is quite the fashionista already :) wait 'til she gets to pick her own outfit for the day!

cd_mfo said...

Dianne! There is! Check out my Sanrio blog!

Awwww, I can't wait for Berry to pick her own outfits!

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