Friday, August 07, 2009

Berry Goes Out For A Walk + Thank You Time 4

My grandparents have been so gung-ho on taking me out for a walk because they've seen a lot of babies being paraded on the boardwalk by their parents/grandparents/nannies and they wanted in on the action. So last Monday, they finally got their wish...

Here I am with my Mom (aka The Milk Machine, they, on the other hand, call me The Cheese Factory because they say my neck smells like blue cheese, thanks to all that milk hiding under my folds of fat!) and Lala. Three generations all in a row...

I would like to thank Aunt Joni of Rootote for sending Mom & I the tote bag above! It really is very useful for short trips out. Very light with lots of pockets for Mom's camera and cellphone, with enough room for her wallet, my nappies, milk, blankie and other essentials!

Here'a a close-up shot. See how cute the bag is? We love the color too!

Oh! And thanks Aunt Janice, Uncle Wilbs and Audrey for this cutie floral dress from Gap! And Tita Melissa for my Baby Levi's socks! They fit me now!

Here's a better shot of my dress! Mom took this photo after changing my nappy! Heehee!

I've also worn the yellow sundress you sent with my pink & brown dress Aunt Janice! Mom made me wear a cardigan over it because it was cold inside the Japanese grocery we went to!

Oh! And I just want to share something funny with all of you! Mom brought along a bottle of breastmilk for me. But when she had to warm it, they couldn't find hot water anywhere. Guess what we used instead?

Hot green tea! Heehee!


Berry =)


Karrots said...

hiiii berry!!!! =) =) =D

Benjie Dela Torre said...

hi there wow such a cute lovely baby you have there.

Seo Bicol

LegallyChef said...

berry ang taba mo! as angkong likes to say: Berry pui tsut tsut!

Meryl said...

Such a cute baby! I love the photo of you, Berry and your mom. :)

Jean said...

Berry's as cute as a button!! Hen ge ai ;)

Eunice said...

Aww Berry is cute! You and your mom are rockin' the white jeans/pants.

PS: While I was googling BOY awhile ago, I stumbled upon your article. Anyway, Opening Ceremony has the nylon trench down to $375 from $1200+! Kinda disappointing since I bought mine original price, but thought I'd share. (:

Anonymous said...

it's a good idea to take advantage of the warm weather. take berry out as much as you could because come fall/winter, it won't be as fun anymore. =)

cd_mfo said...

Hi karrots! =)

Thanks benjie!

Hahaha! Sarap kagatin ni Ate Bee!

Thanks meryl! Its one of my favorite shots too!

Heehee, thanks jean!

Thanks Eunice! And wow! That BOY sale in Opening Ceremony! I almost succumbed to the temptation! I can imagine why you bought it full price! Such a bummer tho to see it on sale. But they have limited sizing, I hope they didn't have your size on sale!

You're right anon, I will take out Berry for a walk every day until the weather permits! =)

Joni Andrea said...

Hi Ms. Christine! Glad you liked the bag! :) Awww Berry is sooooo cute!!!! I love how girly her outfits are haha :)

Honey said...

What an adorable baby! How I wish my next baby will be a girl so I can dress her up.

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