Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Berry's Baptism + Thank You Time 3!

Last August 1, the first Saturday of the month, Berry was baptized in The Church of the Blessed Sacrament on the Upper West Side. According to Fr. Fred Balinong, SJ, who baptized Berry, the church was inspired by Sainte Chapelle in Paris, a small gothic chapel built by Louis IX in the 1240s to house relics from the Holy Land.

Blessed Sacrament really is a beautiful church...

...such a solemn and gorgeous setting for Berry's christening.

Berry was crying at first, but she was calm by the time Fr. Fred blessed her with holy water from the River Jordan. We didn't even hear a peep or a squeak from her! So well behaved! Then again, she loves taking a bath so getting her head wet with holy water was a treat!

With Berry's guests: The Alinos, Yus, Dychiaos, Abus, Lims, and Wus. Thanks to our guest and official photographer Atty. Buddy Carale for taking the group photo!

Now, for Berry's outfit changes! Heehee!



Thanks to Ninong Albert, Ninang Nanette, Alessa, Angel, Andro and Thea for this beautiful christening gown! This really is an heirloom piece!

After: Thanks Tito Buddy, Tita Paz, Carissa and Mateo for this pretty dress! (One of the many dresses you gave Berry! Heehee!)

Wondering what Berry's Christian name is? It's Lauren Abu Dychiao!

Thanks much to Dear Hubby's colleagues at the law firm for the basket of baby goodies you sent Berry! The blanket and bib embroidered with her name is so adorable!

Here she is smiling and looking mighty pleased with her Lauren bib! This photo was taken on our way home after her christening & reception!

Take note, "May gatas pa sa labi", literally!


Lynn said...

congratulations! :)

lauren is so cute!

MrsLavendula said...

what a beautiful church and a lovely christening gown!

celine said...

awww sorry I missed it! Berry is soooo cute. And I love the christening gown! It's beautiful!

Alissa said...

welcome to the Christian world Berry!!

Jean said...

Everyone looks lovely. Yippee, CD!:)

raissa said...

Aww shes so cute.

Welcome to the Christian world Lauren!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks for the well wishes Lynn, Mitzi, Cel, Alissa, Jean and Raissa! =)

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