Monday, August 31, 2009

The "No Shopping Till 2010" Challenge

I realized, since I am almost always at home these days, if not running errands, I've been repeating the same outfits over and over (hence no sharing my outfit posts as of late). I wore this last Sunday, when we all went out for a walk with Berry...

Yes, the same outfit I wore during Berry's 1st Monthsary! See?

I basically have a uniform these days:

- blue marinière striped shirt
- striped button down shirt
- jeans
- breastfeeding friendly dress
- ballet flats, sandals, or canvas sneakers

So I have a lot of clothes and shoes that haven't really seen the light of day. I am actually planning to put some up on ebay. This also made me realize, I don't really need a lot of clothes. And that, my shopping habits really need to be curtailed. As my Mom and my sister have deftly pointed out, I can't seem to walk out of a store without buying something. The allusions to Becky Bloomwood, by friends and family, aren't exactly flattering either.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Shopaholic Ties the Knot
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Shopaholic and Baby

Yeah, story of my life! I am not that extreme though! At least I don't go into debt and I still spend below my means. But yeah, I see what they mean...But see, it's like clothes and shoes talk to me, asking me to bring them home. Hahaha!

Oh! And the oft repeated advice "Sleep on it!" and my favorite well-used excuse "It's a closet classic!" have been used to death, it hardly means anything anymore.

Everything I like when I go online or see up close when I'm out, I always can't stop thinking about, and often haunt me the next day. All the things that I like, really are closet classics, but don't suit the lifestyle I have right now. What are heels for? Or nice bags for? When I hardly have any place fancy to go to? Besides, who really wears heels in the city? Those who go around in Town Cars or don't have to walk more than a couple of blocks at the most.

So I decided to put myself to a challenge. No shopping for myself! Until the year ends!

I will document it here and share with you the trials and travails I will go through as I resist the urge to buy, consume and spend. Then again, it might not be that hard to resist, and could be fun and easy too! I mean, once I get over that hump of walking away from something I absolutely have to have, then maybe it will be easy to walk away again and again.

I'll keep on writing about interesting stuff for the blog, to make it doubly hard. And to add a bit of a curve ball to the challenge. Let's see if I will last until December 31, 2009! ;)


Lisa said...

Oh wow, good for you! I did a 5-month shopping ban last year (no clothes, no accessories) because I found I was shopping way too much--shopping when I was bored and buying things I wouldn't wear very much. Not shopping cold turkey was a wake-up call and made me much more selective in my buying habits.

Good luck! I eagerly await updates on your progress.

maia said...

do inform us if you'll be posting on ebay hehehee

Eunice said...

Oooh this is amazing, I've been trying to do a shopping ban of at least 6 months. I wanna be inspired by your challenge!

Eubelle said...

That would be tough when black Friday comes (after thanksgiving sales)!

Good luck Tin! Guess I should start doing the same thing. I totally burned my budget last month. SHHHHHH. ;)

Leah said...

good luck. i know it'll be an extreme sacrifice for you but i know you can do it. we'll be watching your progress. hugs!

Joni Andrea said...

Good luck with that challenge. :) I wish I had the courage to do that as well. It's so hard not to shop especially when e-shopping is just so easy nowadays. :/

Btw, I looove your belt! Where did you get it? :)

Anonymous said...

An ebay sale!! I hope you'll be shipping to manila. :)

Jean said...

Achi what a brave endeavor you're embarking on. I can never last more than a week without shopping. Maybe I should try it too so I can save up for a DSLR or sumfink worthwhile to spend on. Good luck. Keep me posted! ;)

Anonymous said...

just stay away from the malls / shopping centers. its easier that way. works for me too.

Unknown said...

Haha! I gave myself a "no buying of expensive bags year" this year. I haven't bought a bag since Jan. Well, I kinda bought some this trip but none of the BIG labels. So far so good. You can do it! It was nice seeing you! Kisses to berry!

Styles I Love said...

good luck tintin! you've inspired me to hold off on shopping too till the end of the year! at least i'll try ha. haha! :P

MrsLavendula said...

wow, good luck on he challenge!

RB said...

Tin, you look great (& slim!) even if you wear the same clothes everyday! :-)

Arlene said...

Good luck, Tin. Maybe you can also take up a new hobby to distract yourself. Like cooking with an almost chef-fy style?

Rochelle said...

oh wow, what a great challenge!!! good luck and hope everything goes well /=D

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Lisa! True, shopping when bored is dangerous!

Heehee! I will Maia!

Thanks Eunice, Belle & Leah! I will constantly post updates! =)

Thanks Joni! You're right, e-shopping is too easy! So bad! Oh and my belt is from Abaco, it's a French label that's available in Henri Bendel and Barneys!

Hi Anon! If my mom still has space in her luggage, then I definitely will be able to ship to Manila! =)

Thanks Shobe Jean! So true, little things do add up to a lot!

Yes Anon! Staying away from the stores helps, but online shopping is too close and easy for comfort, wah!

It was great seeing you too Tin! Thanks for your pasalubongs! Good luck on your challenge too! Heehee!

I hope I will really inspire you heehee! Good luck to you too Bobby!

Thanks Mitzi! =)

Awww, Thanks Ross!

Great idea Arlene! Thanks thanks!

Hope so too Rochelle, heehee! Thanks!

celine said...

GASP! Say it isn't so????

I'm kidding ... kaya mo yan Tin, good luck!

Unknown said...

Good luck! I feel the same way..I need to stop shopping..its just so easy to find a reason for the need of 'this and that'..but before you sell your clothes or something (i.e. donating) read this one article in the personal section of WSJ today (9/3/09) about the director of Saks PAS and how she regretted giving away her old clothes (ones from her life in Paris) just because she thinks she no longer use make sure you don't regret it later..*wink*..she said that if she only knew what she knows now, she would have saved them and just do the needed alterations.. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Tin,

I've been reading your blog everyday! Well... I envy your tummy! its back to normal! My son is turning a yr old but my tummy still looks like I'm 4months preggy. Hay!

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