Tuesday, September 01, 2009

NST2010 Day 1: Like Mother, Like Daughter

First, I want to thank all of you for your moral support as I tackle my "No Shopping" challenge! 1 day down, So far, so good!

I stayed home the whole day today, to stay away from temptation. Also, my last purchase for the year, the Boyfriend Military Jacket from J.Crew arrived today. Seeing the unopened package was bittersweet. I was happy it arrived, but kind of melancholic knowing that it will be the last package I will receive for the year, if I stick to my course (and I know I will!).

To keep myself distracted, my sister Trina and I decided to play dress-up with Berry. See, I have this picture of myself taken when I was still a wee one!

And we decided to do a version with Berry! Doesn't she look adorable rocking an Hermès scarf and Chloe sunnies?

Side by side, I have to concede, she's the new, improved version of me! Hahaha!


MrsLavendula said...

sooo cute!

Unknown said...

haha super cute!
exact duplicate!
love the photos :)

Jean said...

Aww shobe Berry is just too cute and charming. Off to an early start being fashion forward ;) hihi

Eubelle said...

too CUTE! i love it.

mommy, make sure you save the chloe sunnies. it will be a great vintage piece by berry's teenage years!

angela said...

cute! magkamukha! BTW, is that a D&G top you're wearing?

Anonymous said...

we have the same chloe sunglasses, i have mine in tortoise :) I love it!!

Ann Cas

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Mitzi, Trina and Shobe Jean! =)

Heehee! I will Belle! When I buy stuff I always think of something that will make it to Berry's treasure chest!

Wow Angela, you've got a sharp eye! Yes, it's a D&G top!

Ooohh, we both have good taste Ann, heehee! Thanks!

celine said...

Missed you at dinner tonight, but if it helps the no shopping agenda, then I'm all for it. Can we still watch the Anna Wintour movie though???

Trina told me about you guys taking the picture, Berry is SO cute! She'll love that when she grows up. Baby pa lang naka Hermes and Chloe na!

angela said...

hi again. i'm afraid i haven't got a sharp eye, i've got a sharp memory! :) i remembered your post abt wearing a d&g top to a meeting at work. when i saw the pic, i instinctively felt it was the TOP you were talking abt. i am a dedicated follower of your blog :)

trina said...

i styled this! she's also wearing an h&m t-shirt! lol

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