Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 5: Berry's Beauty Secrets

Want to know the secret to Berry's smooth, baby soft skin? Well, it's because she is a baby! Heehee!

But before I disclose the real secret, I want to THANK!:

Saj & Maya G.
Donna W.
Melizza F.
Me-an A.
Pilar Z.

For contacting me and pledging/donating blankets for the babies in Fabella! I will be sending them all to Cecile and Ingrid once I've filled a box and I will let you all know once its received! Thanks so much for your generosity! =)

Ok, now thank you time! I know Berry is such a lucky baby for receiving so many things from all of you! She is really blessed!

Thanks Tita Marie for these Grandma Minnie's products from VMV! I personally love the Boo Boo Balm and the Hand Sanitizer! (Not to mention the packaging is super nice! And it's proudly made in the Philippines too!) Thanks so much!!!

Aunt Brenda of L'Oreal NYC, thanks so much for the Kiehl's Baby products! Berry used to have very dry skin (Turns out letting her stay in warm water longer than 7 minutes is not recommended because it dries out baby skin fast! But it's so hard to take her out because she loves taking a bath, sigh!) and Baby Kiehl's Cleansing Milk and Nurturing Baby Cream were the products that restored her skin back to it's original softness and smoothness!

Oh! And the Kiehl's logo tee that came with her Baby Kiehl's gift pack, (which is made by American Apparel btw) is gonna look so cute with jeans! Heehee!

More thank yous to come! =)

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