Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 6: The 315 Girls & Winter Wear!

My roomies in graduate school are the best I swear! It was like a slumber party every night! We'd go shopping and try on clothes and shoes as soon as we got back to our room, we'd play stylist and think of outfits to wear on the rare occasion that we get to go out and play, we'd gorge on junk food as we burned the midnight oil working on a paper or studying for an exam, we'd surf the net together and show each other stuff we want to buy. We'd eat each other's food for lunch and dinner, all together of course like a little family, and oh, and we'd watch Koreanovelas on Conci or Alisa's laptop if not buy Yulo Manila shoes straight from Jaraiza as I made pajamas for them! Heehee!

While other girls (or roomies for that matter) end up hating each other because they've lived in the same room or house for what seems like a lifetime, the 315 girls (because we occupied room 315 in the AIM dorm) felt like long lost sisters. And up to now, we still miss the late night talks we had about anything and everything until we fell asleep. We loved every minute of our stay in the dorms because we just loved being with each other! And well, it helps that we all are into fashion! Hahaha!

So we make it a point to see each other whenever we can. Too bad I am here and Cons, Alych and Rai are all back home. I am missing out on a lot of fun! But even if I am so far away, they still remembered me and Berry! Awwww! So here's a shout out from Berry...

Thanks Aunt Conci, Uncle Tini & Kuya Magnus! I love the raglan sleeves and the tiered skirts! I hope you can pass by our place on your way to Chicago!

Thanks Aunt Jaraiza & Uncle Ked! I like the stripey theme of these outfits! And oh! I can't wait to meet my new playmate soon!

Thanks Aunt Alisa! This cream and camel coat will be perfect for winter!

And look! It goes so well with these gifts from Mom's friends...

Thanks Aunt Mieke aka Knitty Mommy for the very pretty hat you knitted for me!

I tried it on when I was just a few days old, but I think it'll be a perfect fit come winter time!

Thanks Aunt Pam P. for these Ralph Lauren booties! These will keep my feet warm and toasty!!!

I think I am all set for winter, and well until spring/summer 2010!


Berry =)


Anonymous said...

Awww shucks Berry! I loved making it for your dear! I hope you enjoy wearing it during the winter!

Conchita said...

welcome berry!!! we love dressing you up. you're so pretty and adorable! can't wait to see you in person!

just remember whatever you're wearing just work it girl!!! =)

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