Friday, September 11, 2009

NST2010 Day 11: Rainy Day

It's wet and windy outside, so plenty of good reason to stay home and do all my chores.

I realized, just by cleaning the house intensively every day, I will have no time to go online and see things I think I need. Maybe I should do this every day!

So far, I've been doing okay with this shopping ban, skipping all the mail I get from my favorite stores and deleting them right away.

Tonight, I'm meeting my friend Debbie and her husband Tommy at 8 pm for dinner and that'll be the only reason for me to go out. There's an Anthropologie right beside the restaurant we are going to, but I think I have enough self-control to walk in and not buy anything.

Day 11, so far, so good!

1 comment:

kong-chu said...

sigh. I so envy your success so far. When I first read your post on NST2010, i thought I should do the same. I am in dire need of shopping self control!

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