Saturday, September 12, 2009

NST2010 Day 12: Almost!

Saturday, and our friends, the Heicheles had a despedida party at their Park Slope home in Brooklyn. I did a quick run to get some more going away presents for the family with my Mom and Berry while Dada finished up on some office work at home.

Apart from a very pretty hooded sweater and a Laura Ashley tunic dress for Eli, their little girl, I did not buy anything! Well fine, I did buy an omelette turner for the house and my Mom, but that doesn't count right?! It's just an omelette turner, and it's not for me, it's for the kitchen! And well, I can't wear it. Haha!

Ok basically, just to put the terms of my challenge into writing, I am limiting my shopping ban to the following:
- clothes (this runs the whole gamut, from tops to bottoms)
- accessories (from hats to bags, to socks)
- shoes

Any thing for the home, for Dear Hubby, for Berry, family and friends is safe territory =)

Anyway, on our way home from the party, which was a German and Pinoy foodfest with lots of roast beef, potatoes, cabbage cooked in red wine, and of course, sweet and spicy spaghetti, burger patties, lumpiang shanghai (the bestseller of course! it ran out right away!) apple pie, plum strudel and cupcakes, we still had to pass by Mei Lai Wah in Chinatown for our usual box of siopao! Yum!

Mei Lai Wah's siopao was a first for my Mom, and she declared it as good as siopao back home!

And these, were my "purchases" for the day. I am still good!

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