Thursday, September 17, 2009

NST2010 Days 16 to 17: Bo-rrrring!

Nothing to speak of...

Day 16: Went to Costco with Mom and Berry. Got some supplies for the home, and that was it!

Day 17: Went to Target and saw the Go International racks still full of Anna Sui for Target dresses, bottoms and tops. I was just there Monday and it still looked pretty full, if not untouched. Considering days have passed. Quite unlike past Target x designer collabs. Also, really don't see how the pieces are inspired by Gossip Girl, and this collection is quite pricey too! About $59.95 for a sheath dress! Uhm, no thanks!

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Eubelle said...

first day it came out my friend and i hurridly went to target. i ended up getting 3 shirts and a dress but dear hubby said he doesn't know what i was so excited about, the dress was not WOW. so i will be returning the dress but keeping the shirts :D

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