Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NST2010 Days 13 to 15: The Fighting Temptations

Before I started this challenge, I was already contemplating on getting these:

Danny Roberts Girls In Glasses Unisex Tee

Isabel Marant Luana shirt

The shirt above is from the Spring 2010 Collection, and it actually went on pre-sale at Curve - deadline August 28. Even if that would still have been ok for me to buy, I decided to hold off on the purchase because I knew I had a challenge starting September 1 and I thought, why not do a trial with this one?!

I have to be honest though, it has not been as easy as it seems. I still want to buy these pieces come January (along with Balenciaga sunnies. Then again, maybe not!) I don't walk into stores or open shop emails with blinders and a firm resolve not to peek. Sometimes I want to kick myself for making this challenge to myself public. I actually cheated during the first couple of days, getting my sister Dianne and Dear Hubby to buy clothes for me, heehee (long story, will just have to publish my draft post on that). But I decided, no more shopping, even by family, for me! My Mom said, why don't you just do this quietly, what you are doing is something personal? But I know myself, I need to make a declaration to the world, make myself accountable, with all of you as witnesses. Hahaha!

As for the past three days, with temptations all around notwithstanding, they have been uneventful, as should be.

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