Friday, December 04, 2009

Seventies SOS


im following your posts whenever i can, and im loving what i see everytime...i wonder if you can help me put together basic things so i would look like someone from the 70's. that's our theme for our Christmas party. this wont just be for myself, ill probably share some of your inputs with my colleagues. would appreciate it if you can suggest simple get-up for us in sync with the 70's theme.

thanks for your time.

- gen

Thanks for your email Gen! Wow, the '70s! I was born in 1976 and even if that's pretty much during the latter part of the decade, I still have vivid memories of the '70s. I remember looking at my mom and dad's old pictures and laughing at their tight tops, elephant bellbottoms and clogs (well, for my mom at least). I loved my mom's maxi dresses though. I thought they were fantastic. Funny though that I find myself so into wide leg, bell bottom pants and chunky wedges now. You're in luck too because there's plenty of looks from the '70s that you can copy.

To set the mood, let's start with my top of mind '70s icons:


The BeeGees

The Jackson 5

Village People

The Carpenters

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

Charlie's Angels

Ali McGraw & Ryan O'Neal in Love Story

Now, here are some authentic '70s fashion (of the baduy sort), just to have an idea of what not to look like (although you can too, just to get some laughs!)

'70s Roller Girls

Now that we pretty much have a feel of the era, I think it's fairly easy to look like you're from the 70s, or at least channeling the '70s, as proven by That '70s Show...

...and Tommy Ton's girls, led by Carine herself! As seen on

Now, let's do a rundown. What did one wear during the '70s? Here's a checklist:


- mini, midi and maxi skirts
- low-rised jeans, bell-bottoms
- mini retro dresses
- platform shoes
- prairie skirts
- hot pants
- tube tops
- halter neck catsuits
- straight or flared Empire line dresses
- Granny dress with a high neck
- caftans, kaftans, kimonos, muumuus, djellaba
- peasant style tops
- accessorize with macrame bags, crochet vests/waistcoats, ponchos and platform shoes


- Bell-bottoms
- tight shirts with wide collars
- platforms or old school sneakers

Colors then were mostly earth tones. Kind of muted and pale, in a good way. Or maybe the photos I've seen have faded through time? Hehe! I think the key here is in the hair & make-up. For girls, think Farrah Fawcett waves or long & straight ala Ali McGraw and for guys, longish hair with sideburns or afro hair!

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