Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sharing My Outfit Day: Sweat Skirt

I'm into sweats these days. Isabel Marant inspired me to dig out the gray sweats in our closet and make something of them (My best find? Dear Hubby has this gray sweatshirt that belonged to his Dad! So perfectly worn-in and great with leggings or harem pants!). To round off my sweats collection, I got this California Fleece Tulip skirt from American Apparel. I don't normally wear skirts during the cooler months but because this skirt is made from the same material as sweatshirts, it's perfectly warm and cozy! Love the pockets too!

Here's the complete outfit shot:

Jacket: Hoss Intropia
Scarf: Isabel Marant
Raglan Pullover: American Apparel
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Topshop
Oxfords: Rag & Bone


kookie kulasa said...

oooh I love your outfit, especially the shoes! :) I'm having a hard time looking for really nice oxfords here in manila..or maybe I'm not looking at the right stores? haha!

MrsLavendula said...

love the tulip skirt!

abby said...

tin, i love your outfit! i've been perpetually looking for the perfect black tulip skirt and saw this on AA before, but i can't tell how good a fit it was. thanks for posting!

Eunice said...

love the oxfords! love it all. nothing can go wrong once you a pop an im somewhere in your outfit. :)

Karrots said...

love the look!! aha! now we want to make gaya! tee hee >,< Thank you for this inspiration!

Styles I Love said...

oh my, the shoes are awesome indeed! do those come in men's too? :)

cd_mfo said...

Kookie! Schu and Giordano Concepts have oxfords! I think Marikina Shoe Expo would have too! =)

Thanks Mitzi! =)

Thanks and you're welcome Abby! =)

Thanks Eunice! Good observation! IM is beyond! So worth it! Adds that innately cool vibe! I so love IM!!!!

Heehee, thanks Karrots!

Hehe, I am sure somewhere out there, there's a similar shoe for you Bobby! Keep your fingers crossed! Oh, and there is always bespoke - from Marikina to Northampton heehee!

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