Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Apple Tablet

Watch out Kindle, the Consumer Electronics Show has been abuzz with rumors about Apple's latest gadget, an Apple tablet - which according to the Financial Times, is "an A4-sized touch-screen computer with all the attributes of the a smart-phone but a bigger screen better suited to reading and viewing video."

Rumor has it that this will be released by first quarter of 2010. The Industry Standard writes that "sources of the information are analysts who are citing contacts in the supply chain as well as publishers who have supposedly been approached by Apple to discuss revenue-sharing agreements for e-books and news."

Given how people go crazy for Apple's latest gizmos, will you count yourself among those lining up for an Apple tablet?


rubyg said...

Oh my! And I was so pleased with my HP Tord Boontje... Huhuhu!

Karrots said...


One word.



MrsLavendula said...

ooohhh...that looks something id like!

Bubu said...


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cd_mfo said...

Exciting no! We'll find out tomorrow if this is for real!

Anonymous said...

walking while listening to your favorite mp3 via iPod is ok .. but wouldn't it be weird if you were to use the iPad which is almost (if not) the same size of a netbook?

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