Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LeSportsac Spring 2010

Berry's diaper bag is a messenger bag from Tokidoki x LeSportsac. We use it when we're out the whole day (our diaper bag for short trips out/running errands is from Rootote) because it fits everything she needs - diapers, baby wipes, changing pad, breastfeeding cover, extra clothes, bibs and towels, baby food, water bottle etc.

I love it because it is such a happy, cute and stylish diaper bag! And of course, it serves the purpose - fits everything, and is super sturdy and lightweight!

While I still love Tokidoki x LeSportsac, LeSportsac has moved on! For Spring 2010, LeSportsac's "Artist in Residence" is Swiss-Japanese Katharina Leuzinger. Raised in Zurich and educated in London, this designer and illustrator captures boldly colorful and intricately detailed magical worlds.

Her blend of playful fancy and organized structure evokes an instantaneous emotional response of pure happiness that organically allows her work to tell its own stories. The prints she created for LeSportsac are no exception. House Boat features a colorful world where octopuses rule, multiple rainbows abound, and whales beckon with smiles. At the same time, Snackville tells the story of mustached houses, bunny abodes, and a place where snack time and home are given their due.

The prints are available in nine new styles created exclusively for the Artist in Residence Collection.

Double trouble tote Snackville

Mini Scout About Messenger Houseboat

Play case cosmetic Houseboat

Play case cosmetic Snackville

Rascal Backpack Snackville

Rascal Backpack Houseboat

Double trouble tote Houseboat

Double trouble tote Heart House Graphic

Girl talk hobo Houseboat

About LeSportsac

LeSportsac is a quintessential American lifestyle brand of casual, trendsetting nylon bags. Founded in 1974, the company maintains a strong presence around the globe, offering a fashion-forward line of handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks, and accessories. The lightweight fabric combined with high-performance hardware characterizes its iconic, functional styles available in a wide variety of colors and prints. A leader in the accessories market, LeSportsac continues to offer fresh, innovative new styles that remain consistent in terms of quality and character while partnering with trendsetters around the world.

The Artist in Residence collection is exclusively available at Rustans Makati and Rustans Shangrila.

The Snackville collection will be available in March 2010


Caddy said...

Oh those prints look lovely, quite whimsical and imaginative. :)

bumblebee said...

that's a nice messenger diaper bag! i've been looking for a nice baby bag that can work both as a baby bag and a regular bag as well and your post on lesportsac has inspired me to check out their selection! thanks!

cd_mfo said...

They sure are Caddy! Suno makes me want to wear prints!

Thanks Bumblebee! And you're welcome, happy to share! =)

Gracie said...

we have the same diaper bag, but with boom box print as i couldn't find a Tokidoki one. the husband loves it a lot, and is so thankful i didn't get a Coach one -- haha!!

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