Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rodarte on The Radar

It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, the speed at which the continue to gain clout and acclaim is breathtaking. I am referring to the Mulleavy sisters, who design under their cult-label Rodarte. In only 5 years, they've seen their work leap out from their home in the small California town of Aptos to the glossy pages of all the major fashion magazines - from Japan to Milan, from London to New York, to the rarefied halls of the major museums of Manhattan.

These past couple of months alone, they've been on a roll. Coming out with a collection for Target, outfitting the US Olympic team in their wooly confections for a photo essay featured in The New York Times, an always well received runway presentation for NY Fashion Week, and the latest must-see, the Quicktake: Rodarte exhibit at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. I wrote about it for The Radar. Read the full article --> here.

Their designs will be on view from February 11 to March 14, 2010. For those who are or will be in New York, you must go and visit the exhibit. It will be an interesting and inspiring experience. A taste of what Rodarte is about.

If you cannot make it there, let me share with you photos from their past runway collections which are featured in the exhibit.

Did you click on each image to enlarge? The better to appreciate each tuck, pleat and fold my dears!

Quicktake: Rodarte
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
2 East 91st Street, Fifth Avenue, NY, NY


Joni Andrea said...

Ugg I wish I lived in NY!!

cd_mfo said...

Awwwww! Don't worry, there will always be a time to visit Joni!

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