Friday, February 19, 2010

This Is The Way To Do Tribal

I'm sorry for being selfish. I've known about Suno since it debuted, but didn't even share that with you. As always, the latest collection is inspiring, and one of my dreams is to elevate our indigenous fabrics to this level.

About SUNO New York:

Suno was formed in 2008 by Max Osterweis after more than a decade of collecting textiles in visits to Kenya. The prospect that Kenya's recent post election turmoil might keep foreigners from visiting or investing in a country overflowing with natural resources, talent and good will became the catalyst to actually do somehting with those collected fabrics. Building a successful and visible company that employs local Kenyan talent, treats workers fairly, and showcase some of Kenya's artistry, could potentially affect positive and lasting social and economic change.

The design and development for SUNO takes place in New York City, employing skilled sample and pattern makers in New York's garment district. The patterns and samples are the brought to Kenya where the garments are artisanally produced in small workshops.

SUNO's A/W 2010 collection was inspired by late 1960s American interiors, tradiitonal East African textiles, Klimt, travels to Turkey, Paris, and India, as well as their friends in NYC. With this collection, they have started to design most of the prints themselves, sometimes directly referencing their influences, but sometimes just using their inspirations as jumping off points. They are showing their rapidly growing skills of the tailors they work with in Kenya as well as experimenting with some truly exquisite beading and embroidery.

To learn more about SUNO New York, visit


Caddy said...

I love Suno's clothing. I first read about them in an article in one of Time Magazine's Style and Design Issues. Now they're being featured in Teen Vogue. :) Their prints are great kinda fresh and hip but still able to be elegant depending on how you style it.

fromailemawithlove said...

I really love this post. Ang ganda ng mga prints! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

its so nice! young and fresh

cd_mfo said...

Totally agree Caddy! Nice blog you got there too!

Thanks fromailemawithlove! And you're welcome too! These are too pretty not to share!

Yeah Anon! Prints can age a person, but these are really styled so well!

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