Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The September Issue Out on DVD Today!

Woohoo! Got mine from Amazon!

Can't wait to watch it again and again and again! The 2 disc set includes never before seen clips - 25 deleted scenes with over 90 minutes of video footage! You can also do a digital download via iTunes or order it On Demand.

For those who missed the movie screenings, this is your chance to get into Vogue's hallowed halls.

Such an insightful documentary, it is definitely a must see. I actually wrote about The September Issue for The Radar when it first showed. Read here.


The Bag Hag said...

Did you see the French Vogue CD supplement last Sept? It had a CD of Peter Philips (for Chanel) and a review of fashweek by Carine Roitfeld :)

cd_mfo said...

Ing! No! I didn't even know about that! Wow! I'm inggit! I have to look for that!!! Thanks for the tip!

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