Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Aesthete: Jane Birkin

I always look forward to reading How to Spend It from the Financial Times. I wish they can come up with one every week! When Dear Hubby goes straight for the headlines, I get the magazine first! Just goes to show my priorities! Current events? Who cares! Just kidding, hahaha!

While I read the whole magazine from cover to cover, I love Lucia Van der Post's Van der Postings. But I especially love reading The Aesthete, because it appeals to the curious cat in me. And one day, when I live the glamorous life, it would help to know the tastes, temptations and indulgences of the icons!

Of The Aesthete's featured personalities, my current favorite would be the interview with Jane Birkin, aka the inspiration behind THE Herm├Ęs Birkin, but probably more popularly known amongst the younger set as the mom of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon (who is a muse to a couple of J.Crew's muses, who also happened to butcher her name, spelling it as Dillon or Dillion! Who cares though, I heart J.Crew! Anybody from J.Crew reading this? I love you J.Crew!).

It's fascinating to just know what goes inside her Birkin (all the essentials, plus stickers for Aung San Suu Kyi, FIDH and AI as well as ribbons for her keys), and how she gets her new Yohji Yamamoto leather jacket to look weather worn (she got her bulldog Dora to sleep on it!). It was such a thrill to find out that she loves Isabel Marant too apart from the obvious that she's into the military look like I am, among other interesting tidbits. For more of her:

Read Part 1 --> here.

Read Part 2 --> here.

She may not look as hot as she used to, but all I know is, when I become a grandma, I wouldn't mind having her chic, laidback vibe. I think her self-assurance is way sexier anyway.

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Fleurette said...

Hello, I love and greatly admire Jane Birkin!!!!
Have a very nice evening
Greetings from Prague

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