Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Jumpsuit For All Seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
All you've got to do is call
And the jumpsuit will be there, yeah, yeah, yeah
You've got a friend...'s senior stylist Morgan Wendelborn's brilliant pairings make jumpsuits a year round wardrobe staple! Makes me want to buy those Alexander Wang and Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bags too! Grrrrr! Here's what she has to say...

Winter: "Try working some winter white into your look with tights, boots and outerwear."

Spring: "A blazer and a flat bootie are musts for spring's unpredictable weather"

Summer: "Mix prints with a beach easy canvas hobo in ikat. Oversized sunglasses and friendship bracelets are so summer."

Fall: "Pair black tights with an open toe bootie and a belt. A scarf is a great way to mix prints and keep warm."

All I can say is...

When you're down and troubled
and your closet needs a helping hand
and nothing, oh nothing is looking right
Close your eyes and buy a jumpsuit
and as soon as it is there
It'll brighten up even your darkest days! =)

P.S. Oh, if you are looking for a similar jumpsuit (like the one photographed above) in Manila, SM's Fashion Forum might just have some for you! My friend Carissa wore a silk one from there and it was so pretty!

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