Monday, March 29, 2010

Kate All Dressed Up

Well, not technically dressed up dressed up, but here's more of Kate Bosworth's style when she's out for parties and stuff. Not exactly candids, you know?

Take for instance how relaxed and easy this looks! Love the scalloped shorts, the loose blazer, again, those wedges - quintessential Chloe!

Loving the masculine/feminine vibe this look is projecting! I like how she buttoned up her shirt all the way too!

I was inspired to buy zip trimmed leggings because of her outfit here! I like how the hem of the leggings open a bit at the ankle! Of course, hers looks more fabulous with buttons and all that jazz...

See how Helena looks blah compared to her here? And we're talking supermodel Helena!

Cute flouncy detail on her dress! 80s but not funny retro!

One word, ferocious! And not in a tacky ferocious way!

Rocking a sleek bob and a bandage dress here!

Looking chic in a shift!

Like the juxtaposition of a soft white blouse and a leather pencil skirt!

The pairing of a nude dress with red lips and heels is so inspiring!

One of my fave outfits of her - in Etro.

Love the burnt orange dress!

In a sleeveless top and a maxi skirt. Great idea for an evening look! Can I just add, I'm liking Chloe S.'s white blazer too!

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