Sunday, March 28, 2010

Style Star: Kate Bosworth

Have I told you much I love Kate Bosworth's style? I really think she's a real style star. I don't think I have given her enough mileage here, and that's practically a sin. Because I love love love her look. Whether she's out on the streets or all glammed up, she's proven she's got serious style chops. Let's try and dissect my favorite looks of her here.

There's that oversize Chloe sweater coat again from above. She really incorporates her favorite pieces into her wardrobe. You can't see it here, but she's wearing Chloe Poseidons that go so well with her gray sweater and bag.
Paraty on the side! Love the knee high boots, and of course, the Chloe Paraty!
Cute look.  The tiered skirt is unexpected and fresh in royal blue. Plus, that Alexander Wang bucket bag. Please be mine.
Key pieces that make a look: Isabel Marant booties, the Leica camera case, the scarf wrapped around her neck. Easy and understated.
How can she look so chic in a loose jersey dress and flip flops? It's unfair. There's that Alexander Wang bucket bag again.
Here's another version of Kate wearing an oversize sweater coat. The plaid tunic shirt is a want. Classic Ray Ban aviators complete the look.
Love the relaxed, slouchy jumpsuits. And those Chloe wedges in the first photo!

Let's cap this series of photos with the look that started my Kate B. obsession (well, after Blue Crush!) Love the plaid shirt, the high waist wide leg denims from 18th Amendment (so obsessed I had to have one!), and that red Chloe Betty that is still quite adorable up to now.
Come to think of it, Kate always has a piece or two from Chloe most of the time. I wish I can do that too! I love anything and every thing Chloe! Incidentally, when Berry was still in my tummy, I wanted to name Berry either Kate or Chloe because I felt Kate was such a cool name. I was hoping she'd take after Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth's style genes haha! I also liked the name Chloe - so she can wear stuff from Chloe and see her name somewhere in there! Shallow Hal!

Next up, Kate's dressed up days! If you think her day to day style is chic, there's more to see!

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trina said...

im a big chloe fan too... but berry is berry!!!

Arlene said...

I'm such a duh when it comes to fashion. But now that I see Kate Bosworth's style, you kinda remind me of her. Payat without being patpat, cool and effortlessly stylish! (Naks!)

cd_mfo said...

Awww, Berry is Berry!

Really?! Wow! Yay! Hahaha! Thanks Arlene! Friend talaga kita! Hahaha!

Joni Andrea said...

Ooh I love Kate Bosworth too. She always looks good! I want a Chloe Paraty and Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag too. :)

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